One of the most important concerns of users of transferring area of information and communication is the ability to steal confidential information from portable storage devices such as flash memory. Methods which are presented by manufacturers of this media to secure the information, are usually very vulnerable and permeable. RAD is one of secure flash with a unique design which establishes the ability to store information safely on this portable device. Some parts of flash space are available for user in an encrypted format by connecting flash to system and running related software from flash; user can save his confidential information easily on it. Using RAD software, user can carry his confidential information anywhere he wants.


Common features:

  • Simple and beautiful user interface
  • No need to install software on the user’s system
  • No need to any additional equipment other than flash memory
  • Ability to change user’s password by himself
  • Existence of visual and practical guide
  • Usability of flash on all Windows 7,8,10 OS and hardware systems

Security features

  • Not  to view files and folders stored in a flash by unauthorized users
  • To clarify safe space created from the user’s point of view
  • To use AES* advanced cipher algorithms with 256-bit key length


  • To provide a secure environment on Flash Memory
  • To prevent any unauthorized copying of information.
  • To handle personal and confidential information safely