About PayamPardaz

PayamPardaz Engineering Company was established in 1996 in order to provide technical services in the field of information and communication security. The company was founded by a team of experts in cryptography and data security, who had done research activities in Isfahan University of Technology between 1986 and 1996. In the beginning, most of the firm’s activities were concentrated around design and analysis of cryptographic systems and securing computer networks. After a while, market need for security products was sensed and consequently most of the company activities were devoted to production of such products.

The mission statement of PayamPardaz Engineering Co

  • To provide products and services in AFTA field by offering the last scientific and technical achievements to organizations, various institutions and companies all around the country and expand its activity area to international markets.
  • To meet a wide range of internal security needs and move effectively for independence and prosperity of our country.
  • To rely on trained, creative and motivated human resources, deep technical knowledge, impressive experience as well as reputation of the company.
  • To provide a scientific, safe, joyful, friendly and entrepreneur environment and increase investigation, value-based cooperation, discipline and participation moralities.
  • To do Knowledge-based activities, preserve and develop communication to scientific-research centers and universities, in particular.
  • To accelerate development programs, increase the productivity and profitability of activities as much as commitment to observe financial and economic relations’ accuracy.
  • To respect customers’ right, behave honestly and increase their satisfaction as priority of its activities.

The vision of PayamPardaz Engineering Co

The vision of Payam Pardaz Engineering Co
Payam Pardaz engineering Co. ensures a bright future for itself due to enough potential and emphasis and attention to its acceptable capabilities. In this regard, it has defined its vision by the year 2021 as follow

The achievements of PayamPardaz Engineering Co

In recent years, Payam Pardaz Co. – as a research-based company- has always tried not only to retain its privileged position in science and research, but also achieve a precise feedback from potential and real needs and capabilities in information and communication technology security market, offer functional and practical solutions for them.

Following will be a brief overview about the most important achievements about target areas of Payam Pardaz Co. in the past years:

Superiority in science and research activities

Implementation of research projects and professional services)
Since now, Payam Pardaz Co. as a knowledge-based company has done more than one hundred research projects and specialized services for companies and organizations in the following subjects.
Theoretical and strategic
Design and analysis of more than 34 cryptographic algorithms for scientific and research centers in the field of design and cryptanalysis as the only private Iranian company in this field
Design and analysis of securing, authentication and key distribution protocols
Implementation of four major strategic plans at the national level for research centers
Implementation of 8 theoretical and research projects in order to design security protocols and securing computer networks
Consultation and design of security architecture, security analysis and offering securing solution
Holding more than 8 professional workshops about information security in related seminars and conferences and presenting the international literatures

Superiority in software field

Software implementation of security mechanisms on different operating systems
Design and implementation of different encoding software such as file, partition, phone, cell phone, SMS, Email , …
Design and implementation of encoding software of phone for first time (without foreign similar case) and the first mobile encoder in our country (it is competitive with foreign similar cases)
Design and implementation of securing software in different layers of network such as data link layer, IP layer and application layer

Superiority in design, manufacture, commercialization, and supply of exclusive products in AFTA (hardware filed)

To manufacture more than 25 products which are supplied commercially in ICT security market
To manufacture the first Iranian native security Token called Keya hardware module which provides cryptography, secure data storage, authentication and hardware lock services
To implement securing protocols in form of a hardware (such as IPsec)
To manufacture Keyhan system, completely native and with unique and innovative features to make network of organizations secure. It is widely accepted by large state institutions. And currently, it secures server / client applications for more than 200,000 users with the establishment in more than 130 network centers
To have academic dominance completely on some open source security products and their localization and optimization, implementation of 109 foreign projects (with employer) and 43 domestic projects to develop products
To manufacture encoders of different network layers (such as physical layers , IP)



The clients of PayamPardaz Engineering Co