Today, we observe innovation of new various methods to store information as well as information technology development. The new methods provide storage possibility of information at higher volume but lower cost than previous ones, they also are simpler to use and transport than before. So, ordinary users, private, governments and even the military organizations’ personnel carry their confidential data on these media without regard to the importance level of their loss or stealing. Thus, Individuals and organizations are threatened by the risk of exposing valuable and confidential information. Some samples of available risks in this area include:

· Unauthorized access to secret military documents

· Unauthorized access to important financial documents of an organization

· Unauthorized access to projects’ documents and studies of an organization

· Direct access to the files in a database without any authentication

· Computer, external hard drive or flash memory theft which leads to access users’ personal files.

A suitable solution to secure and protect the data of storage media is to use ARG disk encryption software. This software is a product to save data safely on various computer media such as hard disk, flash memories, CD and DVD. ARG software provides one or several secure virtual partition(s) into computer in which all files and folders will be encrypted. The user has complete access to these partitions, it means that user, like other partitions, interacts with a secure virtual partition when he reads data from or writes in it, and cryptographic operations are done without his intervention and by ARG software. There is no unauthorized access to data at all, after encoding the information. And data confidentiality will be guaranteed even if the media containing information is stolen.

ARG software needs a Hardware Security Token called KIA to encrypt data. It is never possible to read available data of secure virtual partition without having KIA hardware security token and knowing the corresponding password.


  • Protection of personal or organizational confidential information on computer’s hard disk and removable media like flash memories, CD and DVD
  • Secure dedicated space in the multi-user hard systems for each user
  • Sharing a safe virtual partition in network; so that only authorized users are able to read its contents. *

* This feature is provided only on ARG Professional Edition. It is not available on Home Edition.


Common features

  • Simple and elegant user interface
  • Useful user guidelines in all operation steps
  • Creating a secure virtual partition
  • Transparency of secure virtual partition from the user’s perspective
  • Transfer capacity of secure virtual partition in other computers
  • The possibility of sharing the safe virtual partition on the network *
  • The impossibility of observing the secure virtual partition, such as file names, folder names, their contents and free space partition for unauthorized user
  • The ability to provide a backup version of safe virtual partition’s header and recover it.

Security features

  • Domestic cipher algorithm with 256-bit key length (it can be ordered by the customer)
  • The access to secure virtual partitions as a two-factor media by using KeyA Security Token and related PIN
  • Secure storage of KeyA Security Token PIN key
  • The backup possibility of available PIN key of KeyA Security Token
  • The ability to introduce several security profiles to manage the access level *
  • Filling the free space of secure virtual partition by using random bits


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Commercial Application

The security of mobile computer of administrators: Today, most individuals and organization administrators save their private and organizational information in their mobile computers that always have the risk of theft and unauthorized access to information. ARG software has solved this risk by encoding important information and establishing a two-factor access level (Token and personal ID) and due to the lack of Token and its personal ID, unauthorized persons can’t acquire information.


To protect the classified information of organization: ARG software limits the access level except for authorized persons by password of classified information. Organization administrators can control the access level of information across the organization by creating a profile which has a key for each level and sharing the profile with authorized persons of that level.


To manage user access to subscribed information: By using ARG software, you can share information with specified individuals of organizations. The administrator provides sharing possibility of partition between individuals by sharing safe partition and delivering its profile which contains PIN key to specified persons.

To protect removable media: ARG software is able to decode information of virtual partition from removable media such as USB flash memories and CDs.  Creating virtual partition and transferring it to the media, you can obtain encrypted information by ARG.


To guarantee no loss of confidential information by using cryptography capability of public key (new feature of master key): In organizational version of ARG, partition is recovered by organization administrator if the PIN key of partition loses. Also, administrator can access to their safe partitions in necessary situations without the need of Token and main user password. RSA is used in this version of the encryption. RSA public key and private key are offered users and administrators, respectively. Partition recovery is done by this key pair.


To present ARG portable version: Offering portable version, ARG allows to use software without installing it on different systems. By this facility, user can transfer his partition to each desired system through removable media (for example, if it is necessary to go to Internet cafes) and use ARG software after ensuring about his data security.



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