However, today we’re observing the rapid development of information technology and the emergence of new communication tools, but phone remains still as the most popular mean of communication. Phone conversations whether landline or mobile, are hear simply in different parts of the network; so, covering the security of phone conversations are so important especially for sensitive and strategic organizations.

AVA phone call encryption system is a product to provide security in phones and mobiles. This system offers a complete solution to make phone calls secure by suggesting separate software to run on PC, pocket PC and smart phones. After using the very product; conversations will pass the canal path originally and confidentially. The ability to play role will be canceled because of using encryption algorithm of secret key.

AVA software records user sound by a microphone and then sends it to addressee after compressing and encoding through modem of phone or data line of cell phone. On the other hands after the reverse operation, the sound which was reconstructed by speaker will be played. AVA system acts full-duplex and immediately. Depends on connection rate, it provides the best quality of voice call.


  • Immediately, and safe voice calls with desired quality in PSTN and GSM networks
  • Safe file transfer
  • Safe text chat (mobile version)
  • Dedicated cipher algorithm (it can be ordered by customer)
  • GSM-AMR and MELP audio compressors
  • Supporting key file and key bank for encryption
  • The ability to use common phone devices by using additional hardware (PC version)
  • The ability to use at PBX to make outside conversations of organization secure by using additional hardware (PC version)
  • Supporting Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and vista (PC version)
  • Supporting Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.0 ,Windows Mobile, Smartphone 5.0, 6.0 (mobile versions)


  • The ability to link phone and cell phone safely
  • Uninterrupted and secure voice calls with proper quality
  • Securing phone conversations for organizations