Today, computer is the main tool to save and transfer intelligence data. Intelligence data save in computers in form of files; some threats such as copying, manipulation and disclosure of stored files in computers or listening of transferring files through a variety of computer and telecommunication networks are severely endangered their security.

PAS software is an encoding file which offers confidentiality and integrity services for files. This software can be used to archive users’ files safely in computer as well as transfer files safely among users. Also there is the ability to define a group as much as safe group connections in PAS software. Pas software uses Keya security module to save cryptographic keys safely.

PAS software runs in Windows OS on Explore program, its facilities are available for users easily. User can encrypt, decrypt, or delete file or folders easily through selecting related menu and by choosing desired files or folders and right click on them.


  • Encrypting and decrypting of files and folders
  • Dedicated cipher algorithm (it  can be ordered by customer)
  • Safe save of cryptographic keys in Keya module
  • Ability to define key file for cryptography
  • Ability to define an addressee to have safe connections with other users
  • Ability to define a group in order to have safe connection among group members
  • Ability to provide a report about the time of file encryption to user (to detect repeated attacks)
  • Detecting any manipulation in name and content of encrypted files
  • Destroying files without the ability to recovery
  • Ability to compress files before encrypting based on user’s choice
  • User access control through PIN of Keya module
  • Supporting 98, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7 OS


  • Ability to define group and safe group connections
  • Ability to transfer files safely among users and organizations through internet, flash memory and CD
  • Ensuring inaccessibility to content of available sensitive files on disk, CD or external memories
  • Encoding on different types of files and data
  • Very easy performance in Explorer setting of Windows