Ravin New Generation Intrusion Detection Service is designed with the purpose of detecting and revealing suspicious behavior, detecting attacks and network intrusion tries. This service is commonly deployed out of line in organization network. traffic contents are assessed and analyzed with the purpose of detecting security and destructive events and the result is sent to Ravin SIEM. This service is categorized as Ravin SIEM network layer sensor.


Benefits of using Ravin NGIDS

  • Detecting organization’s network attacks
  • Detecting and revealing suspicious behaviors in organization’s network
  • Helping network leaders to have a better view of attacks and anomaly behaviors


Signature Based Intrusion Detectio
Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection

Identify suspicious behaviors in the network

Distributed Attacks Detection
Multi step Attack Detection
Slow Attack Detection
Zero day attack detection
DoS/DDoS Detection
Report suspicious attacks and behaviors


Ravin NGIDS Usages

  • Network level sensor for RAVIN SIEM
  • Organization network attacks detection
  • Detection of suspicious behaviors in the network
  • Increasing the view of network administrators towards attacks and abnormal behaviors in the network