Ensuring the security in the management and maintenance of data centers becomes more difficult and complex every day because of daily development of electronic infrastructures in our country and consequently an increase in the number and size of country’s data centers. In one side, it is needed to grant Remote Access Permissions such as Remote Desktop, SSH, Telnet, VNC, …. to manage and protect data centers. And in other side, organization’s information and data should be kept out of remote users’ reach (commonly, they are obliged to maintain data centers). This issue is further specified in some protocols such as Remote Desktop which contains no Logging process. In the other hand, a complete logging of all remote access protocols should be done to document applied changes as well as detect and fix possible errors.
Now, many organizations in country are using these protocols to access and apply settings of the organization’s network equipment such as servers, switches and routers. If the organization’s maturity level increases or more important information is protected at organizational level; the management of these remote accesses and done configuration changes will meet more documentations and loggings. But, this approach has not been successful enough because of some reasons such as lack of logging with proper details in these protocols, lack of firewall of application layer for these protocols,…. For example, if a Remote Desktop session is established by a windows server, there is no documentation about done activities of this session to use them for documenting and monitoring users’ done activities.

Raymon system is one of Payam Pardaz company’s products which was developed in order to create firewall of application layer as well as log all details about remote access protocols. This product is completely clear placed at organization’s network and no change will be established in users’ usage. By using Raymon system, you are able to define and control authorized users and their accessibility to different resources of the organization’s network. Also by utilizing this product, you can view all authorized users’ connections with resources of organization’s network.
You are able to search key phrases, special events, … in movies and users’ typed values through Admin Console of this system. For example, you can search opening of Control Panel, Add user, etc. windows in a Remote Desktop connection and, if needed, view and examine the rest of users’ activities in the form of movie. Also, you are able to view and check net user, fdisk, ifconfig, iptables, adduser, etc commend implementation of each authorized user in SSH connections. By establishing Raymon system, you can determine black and white lists of existing commands and folders on servers.


  • Ability to define users and remote control access to network resources
  • Ability to clear operations, no need to install software on server or users’ computer
  • Ability to have alive monitoring on user connections
  • Ability to control opened commands, folders and windows of users
  • Ability to search in typed words, opened windows titles and observed texts of users
  • Ability to copy files and information of users which were transferred to servers
  • Ability to index observed images to increase search speed
  • Ability to encode recorded files to avoid changes in their content
  • Ability to define one or several inspection groups that have the ability to monitor user sessions
  • Ability to affirm users’ authentication locally or by directory service providers such as Active DIRECTORY, TACACS, Radius, …


  • User access control to organization network resources through controlling remote access protocols
  • Visual documentation of users’ sessions in the form of video
  • Tracking the applied settings in network
  • Ability to monitor the activities of contractors