In computer systems and networks, a user is usually able to login by username and password. In this method which is commonly considered as one-factor-at-a-time method (or OFAT), a hacker can access to user’s password with different attacks such as Hooking, Brute force, Dictionary…. Two-factor authentication methods (2FA) have been raised to deal with such threats. In these methods, passwords can be used as well as appropriate hardware devices such as tokens and/or smart cards.

Keyan is a product which is used for 2FA in login process of Windows operating system. This product uses Keya security module as a security Token. Keyan software can be used to turn login process of a computer to 2FA by local and global users (a member of Domain network). Thus, a Keya module is programmed and provided for each user (local or global) based on his security information. The user just needs a PIN (Personal ID Number) to login by Keya. Also, Keyan software is able to turn login process of a remote computer to a 2FA through Remote Desktop software.


  • To login to Windows by using Keya module (W, T or NW) and a PIN in form of local or global
  • To have Two-factor remote login to Windows by using Keya module (NW model) and Remote Desktop software
  • To manage Local users and plan a module for them
  • To manage Active Directory users and plan a module for them
  • To support the lock of Windows
  • To logoff automatically from windows by removing Keya module
  • To support  2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7 OS (all version)


  • Ability to add or remove Windows users
  • Preventing Windows login even in the case of disclosure of user PIN
  • Unavailability of encrypted data users
  • Very easy use
  • Ability to save words which are very long and impossible to guess