Ravin Network and Log Management service is commonly deployed out of line in organization network. Different flows are exported and analyzed and security alerts are sent to managers. The analyze result can also be sent to Ravin SIEM. on the other hand, this service is a sensor for Ravin SIEM.

This is a comprehensive solution for monitoring servers, network infrastructure devices, security devices, network services, Database and any organization’s software. It collects, registers and manages network and services events and generates valuable reports base on that.


Benefits of using Ravin NTLM

  • Extracting all network traffic flows
  • Detecting all network anomalies
  • Receiving events from all network and security devices
  • Monitoring traffic and representing different diagrams and reports
  • Representing a comprehensive view of different flows of organization’s network to managers
  • Processing and correlating traffic flows information with other sensors entrances
  • Maintaining network traffic flows and search on it


Anomaly Detection
Deep Packet Inspection

Ability to receive events of all different security equipment


Ability to receive events of all different network equipment


Distribution of traffic information Collector in the network
Eliminate duplicate events
Secure and small storage of events
Receive hundreds of flexible reports of network traffic and events


Ravin NTLM usages

  • Network sensor for security operation center (SOC)
  • Accurate monitoring of devices and services
  • Detecting suspicious and anomaly actions in organization network
  • Detecting software/hardware problems in organization network
  • Presenting an integrated view of the network state with concentrating on network traffic
  • Integrated managing of different device events and services in organization network